“MIXNINE” PD Responds To Assumption That Finalist Boy Group Will Beat Girl Group Due To Fandom Size

The producing director of upcoming JTBC and YG Entertainment survival show “MIXNINE” has responded to comments about what some people assume to be the inevitable ending of the show.

“MIXNINE” will follow YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk as he visits agencies in the hope of discovering hidden talent. Afterwards, nine-member finalist girl and boy groups will be formed, and the final competition will be between the two groups to determine which project group will make their debut.

A press conference was held on October 27 for “MIXNINE” ahead of its premiere. The show’s cast and producers were asked, “‘Produce 101 Season 2’ was like this too, but since fandoms of male groups are larger than the fandoms of female groups, isn’t the result of ‘MIXNINE’ obvious?”

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Han Dong Chul replied, “In comparison with other programs, we’re going to cover the process of auditions over three to four episodes. We’ve filmed up to the fifth episode now. The people who are taking part in the auditions have now all been chosen.”

“There’s no need to come up with some other methods, because the female participants are so good,” he continued. “I think the female participants will win. Male groups have larger fandoms than female groups in Korea, but I want to change that through ‘MIXNINE,’ and also looking at everyone, I personally think the female participants will win.”

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“MIXNINE” will be premiering on JTBC on October 29, and idols who have taken part in auditions include members of KNK, ONF, DreamCatcher, LOONA, and more.

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