4 Things To Look Forward To In “The Unit”

The first episode of the highly anticipated idol rebooting project “The Unit” will finally be airing on October 28 at 9:15 p.m. KST. Here are four things to look out for!

1. Their Tear-Inducing Earnest Stories

The show is recruiting idols with debut experience. These idols pursued their dreams and were able to debut, but because of the harsh realities of the idol world, they were unable to fully experience their dreams. These idols are now participating in “The Unit” with a very different mindset from trainees. Every single idol participating has their own story, and their mentors are able to fully empathize on the difficulties of success in the music industry. The mentors will reach out towards the idols and guide them, showing a more humane side of survival programs.

2. Their Passionate Challenge and The Mentors’ Advice

Because these idols have already debuted, they are even more desperate than others. They pour their energy, skills, and effort into the performances to make their dreams a reality. In order for their efforts to really shine through, the mentors will put in their all to make sure they succeed. As some of Korea’s most successful artists, the mentors will pass on their knowledge and give them lots of encouragement and support. Their warm, evolving senior-junior relationship is also something to look out for.

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3. The Pre-Released Mission Track

Two weeks before the first episode, three mission tracks were revealed and gained a lot of attention. The first group track revealed was the track including all idols, “My Turn.” The song’s music video has already received over 500,000 views. The other tracks released were the male idols’ charismatic, energetic “Last One” and the female idols’ adorable, fresh “Shine.”

4. The Highly Anticipated “Avengers” Idols

The viewers of “The Unit” will be able to watch their favorite idols grow and learn, and will be able to select the final nine male and nine female unit members. With the two teams’ debut to be announced in the last mission, it’ll be interesting to predict which members may be picked for the last mission and which will be able to debut. Although the final result is also important, the production team has also worked hard to note their growth throughout the show. The program will, unfortunately, have to divide the idols into those who are eliminated and those who aren’t, but they will show that “failure” doesn’t mean they’ll be unable to achieve their dreams.

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