CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun Shares Thoughts On His And His Bandmates’ Acting Careers

CNBLUE’s Lee Jong Hyun, who wrapped up his latest drama “Girls’ Generation 1979” earlier this month, recently sat down for an interview to talk about the project and his acting career thus far.

In “Girls’ Generation 1979,” Lee Jong Hyun played the character Joo Young Chun, a “tsundere” type who falls for Chae Seo Jin’s character but has trouble expressing his feelings. Since the drama was set in 1970s Daegu, Lee Jong Hyun also had to adopt the dialect of the area.

“It’s been a long time since I heard such good feedback while doing a drama,” he said. “I was really grateful.”

When asked if the other CNBLUE members, who all have acting credits to their name, watched the drama, he said, “We try to take interest in each other’s projects but we don’t make comments about it. It’s been too long for that. We often hear people say, ‘Your band seems to get along really well so why don’t you go out together a lot’ but I say to that, ‘Do brothers and sisters go out together often?’ I think a lot of families are the same. Of course they’re always here for me, and I’m always grateful for them, and I know how important they are to me. But rather than expressing that externally, I know that in my mind. We also tease each other and support each other that way too.”

About his bandmates’ acting projects (Kang Min Hyuk is currently appearing in “Hospital Ship” while Jung Yong Hwa is starring in “The Package”), Lee Jong Hyun said, “It’s impressive just to see my members in projects like that so [when I watch the drama] it’s hard to focus. They’re all playing main leads too. We respect each other and we’re grateful for being given good opportunities, so we all work to give satisfaction to the viewers.”

Lee Jong Hyun also said he isn’t bothered by the label ‘idol actor.’ “It’s a given [that people will use that label],” he said. “You just have to overcome it, to start with the mindset of overcoming [that label]. Isn’t our psychology made that way? We think better of people who exceed what we expect from them. I think to myself that that moment will come for me as well, and when it does, it becomes more exciting and happy.”

Finally, he shared that his ultimate goal is to make a project that many people will remember him by. “I think all actors have the same goal,” he said. “Recently there haven’t been very intense melodramas between a man and a woman and I’d like to try that genre. I want to try a noir genre as well.”

You can watch the first episode of “Girls’ Generation 1979” below!

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