AOA’s Jimin Updates Fans On Planned Group Comeback And What The Members Are Up To

On October 27, AOA’s Jimin held a V Live broadcast to promote her new solo track “Hallelujah.”

“Hallelujah” is her first solo release in over a year and she said, “I’ve been preparing it since the beginning of this year. I’m grateful that my comeback was enjoyable for so many people.”

When asked about an AOA comeback, Jimin said, “There are a lot of people anticipating our group comeback, and I think they can expect to see one next year.”

She also gave an update on the people around her, including her junior labelmates and fellow AOA members. Picking SF9’s “O Sole Mio” as a song she’s been listening to a lot lately, she added, “I bought a meal for SF9 but felt bad that I couldn’t buy them anything nice. I want to make a lot of money to buy them something nicer next time. They’re really nice kids and the music video [for ‘O Sole Mio’] is really pretty.”

She continued, “Mina is working out on Geojedo Island [filming ‘Hospital Ship’] and Seolhyun is filming a movie. Hyejeong is filming a drama as well as ‘SNL Korea 9.’ Chanmi’s ‘Look At Mi’ will be released soon so please look forward to it. Yuna also finished a drama and will probably do something else soon. We’re each working hard so please support AOA.”

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