9 Reasons To Love Jung Hae In

You might have seen him in “Goblin,” “The Three Musketeers,” or on our list of Korean actors who need more appreciation. It’s safe to say Jung Hae In is finally getting the recognition he deserves. His popularity is skyrocketing thanks to “While You Were Sleeping” and, justifiably so, there’s no end in sight. Therefore we are gathered here today to look at reasons to love Jung Hae In. As if you needed any more than his mere existence.

1. His beginnings

Back in 2013, Jung Hae In starred in AOA Black’s MV “Moya.” Alongside comedians Kim Min Gyo and Jung Sung Ho, he already had many viewers asking about the identity of the “handsome tall guy.” While his hairstyle might be questionable from today’s point of view, his adorable smile makes up for it all. Watch the MV below!

2. The smile

Jung Hae In’s smile is to die for. Just all the things his face does when he looks at someone like that. On second thought, in “While You Were Sleeping,” it might even highlight the strength of main character Hong Joo (Suzy), who doesn’t fall for him even though she is the main target for all his charms; the bond between her and male lead Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk) must truly be other-worldly.

3. His acting skills

The man won the “New Star Award” for his performance in “Yeah, That’s How It Is” at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards. His first drama back in 2014 was “Bride of the Century,” from where he went on to appear in “Reply 1988” and “Goblin” in 2016. With “While You Were Sleeping” also being wildly successful, we are looking forward to tvN’s upcoming miniseries “Wise Prison Life,” where Jung Hae In will perform alongside Krystal, Jung Kyung Ho, Park Hae Soo, WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon, and Jung Hae In’s current cast buddy Shin Jae Ha. Aside from dramas, he has been cast for the lead role in film “The Age of Blood, 2017,” which is set to be released in November. So if you’re a fan of Jung Hae In, there’s a lot of stuff to look forward to.

4. He looks amazing in uniform

Just like several female characters stated in “While You Were Sleeping,” Han Woo Tak’s (or Jung Hae In’s) looks in uniform are just stunning. This makes it quite hard to pay attention to anything else happening on screen while Woo Tak is standing there in the background looking like he’s about to save the nation. Or the world.

5. He looks good in anything

…literally anything. From dad-style sporty gear to the ajumma pants in “While You Were Sleeping” episode 9, nothing seems to be able to disturb his charms. If anything, it makes him look even more adorable. Wouldn’t you wanna go hiking with this guy?

6. …including blonde hair

Starring in “Bride of the Century” alongside FTISLAND’s Lee Hong Ki, Jung Hae In is almost unrecognizable with blonde/silverish hair and lots of of hairspray. While this hairstyle didn’t affect his personal style, at least we got to see it onscreen, including a red velvet suit.

7. The abs

Talking about Jung Hae In’s looks, of course we can’t skip the events of “While You Were Sleeping” episode 7, where he changed clothes in front of Jae Chan and Hong Joo. Because, as Jae Chan puts it: “Wow, your body is nice!” And with Jae Chan being an honorable prosecutor who only speaks the truth, you should probably check out this video to see for yourself what he was referring to.

8. His selfies

While you’re at it, you might as well check out Hae Jin’s Instagram, which is basically a collection of selfies and behind-the-scenes photos from the sets of his dramas. Since the filming of “While You Were Sleeping” began and Lee Jong Suk posted pictures with him, Hae In’s number of followers has been increasing immensely. So if you also wanna jump on the hype train and get a glimpse of not only the professional, but also the private life of Jung Hae In, this is your chance.

9. His personality

We may get a glimpse of his actual character via Instagram, but who would know better what kind of person Jung Hae In actually is than the people he works with. Reports from set keep talking about the friendship of Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, and Jung Hae In, dubbed the “three flying dragons,” bringing fun and laughter to the venue and therefore making filming a positive experience for the whole crew. If that doesn’t win you over, just keep in mind he said he has to aspire to be a good person before he’ll be able to be a good actor.

When did Jung Hae In catch your attention? Do you think he has a bright future in acting? Tell us in the comments!

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