Playback, MYTEEN, A.C.E, A.De, And More Revealed In “MIXNINE” Agency Tour Photos

JTBC and YG Entertainment’s idol survival show “MIXNINE” has uploaded more photos from its agency tour ahead of its upcoming premiere.

The show is about YG’s Yang Hyun Suk visiting entertainment agencies all over Korea in order to find hidden talents, recruit them, and form a new team of nine members. The newly released photos are from Day 16 to 18 of the agency tour and include some old and new faces.

On Day 16, the show visited 2ABLE Company which houses former “Produce 101 Season 2” contestant and RAINZ member Ju Won Tak. The photos show A.De members Park Hae Young, Heo Sam, Choi Ji Soo, Lee Seung Joo, Yoo Ji Seo, and Kim Mi So.

Then, individual trainees Kim Ji Soo and Kim Ji Hyun, Pro Beat Entertainment’s Han Gyeo Wool from group Sol-T, Romantic Factory’s Jo Kang Suk, and g.o.d Kim Tae Woo’s agency Soul Shop’s Park Ji Soo showcased their talents.

The Music Works houses artists such as Baek Ji Young, Gong Minzy, Kim Sohee, and Gilgu Bonggu. In the photos, MYTEEN members Shin Joon Seob, Choi Eun Soo, Kim Sang Jin, and Kim Gook Heon danced and sang for the judges.

The Music Works’ girl trainees Han Ji Ye, Lee Ji Eun, and Kim Si Hyun also tried out for a chance on the show.

On Day 17, “MIXNINE” visited WYNN Entertainment and were acquainted with pre-debut group Spectrum members Kim Dong Yoon, Jo Min Jae, Moon Seung Hyuk, Kim Bo Hyun, Sun Dae, and Lee Seung Hyeon.

Trainee Jung Joon Young from Echo Global Group, who houses actors Daniel Henney and BIGBANG Taeyang’s brother Dong Hyun Bae, sang for the judges, followed by individual trainees Dong Woo Suk and Cha Yoo Jung.

Live Works Company trainees Lee Roo Bin, Kim Yong Hyun, Jin Sung Ho, Moon Jae Yoon, and Park Yong Kwon sang their hearts out for the judges. Shinhwa members Shin Hye Sung and Lee Min Woo belong to this agency.

Girl group Playback members Hwang Woo Rim, Lee Yoon Ji, Ma Eun Jin, Lee Ha Young, and So Yoo Jin showed off their fierce moves. They belong to Coridel Entertainment, which was founded by Tyler Kwon and home to singers Jessica and Jeff Bernat.

Start Entertainment’s Moon Seung Yoo, Park Ji Woo, and Jo Min Ji tried out as a trio while Kim Jin Oh and Baek Jin auditioned as a male duo, followed by Jung Yoo Jin and Lee Seung Hyun.

Next photos are of Viking Entertainment trainees Lee Hye Joon and Yoon Ji Young, Luce Entertainment’s Lee Tae Hee, New Rise Entertainment’s Kim Sung Hyun, and individual trainees Kim Yoon Young and Nam So Hyun.

The final photos are from Beat Interactive’s A.C.E members Kim Byung Kwan, Lee Dong Hoon, and Kim Se Yoon.

“MIXNINE” will premiere on October 29 at 4:50 p.m. KST on JTBC.

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