Watch: Yang Jiwon Performs SPICA’s “Tonight” And Gets Praise From “The Unit” Mentors

KBS’s “The Unit” has kicked off its idol rebooting program with impressive performances and touching stories by idols that have already debuted.

Yang Jiwon debuted in 2012 with the group SPICA, but the members decided to go their separate ways after five years of promotions.

Yang Ji Won commented regarding her long training period, “Every year, my dream of debuting turned into despair. Honestly, I was so scared.”

On her current situation, she revealed, “In order to survive, I decided that I should start working part-time jobs. I didn’t want to be a burden to others.” In order to continue training and auditioning, she delivers juices door-to-door at dawn.

As soon as she started singing, audience members started voting for her. Urban Zakapa’s Jo Hyun Ah commented, “Did she always sing this well?” and gave her two thumbs up during the performance.After the performance, the mentors informed her she passed with the Super Boot which meant that over 90 percent of the audience voted to pass her onto the next round. She achieved this in record time of 30 seconds into her performance.

Jo Hyun Ah commented, “You sang really well. I think we just found our lead vocal,” while Hwang Chi Yeol added, “I think you have all four elements: singing ability, stage manners, dance, and appearance.”

Watch Yang Jiwon’s performance of “Tonight” below!

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