EXID’s Hani Reveals Which Actor Has Caught Her Eye Recently

EXID’s Hani shared which actor she’s interested in these days on the latest episode of SBS’s new game variety show “Master Key.”

The October 28 episode included an ‘alarm talk game’ where teams ask each other questions before the alarm rings. Lee Soo Geun asked Hani which actor she’s most interested in based on looks, and she immediately responded “Kang Ha Neul” with no hesitation. Lee Soo Geun then took the opportunity to ask Hani if she was interested in dating Kang Ha Neul, to which she responded, “I don’t have any intentions on dating.”Unfortunately, Hani was unable to come up with a question for someone else after and was eliminated from the game.

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk was asked about his most recent kiss on the same episode.

Watch the latest episode of “Master Key” below!

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