“Because This Is My First Life” Making Film Hints At Lee Min Ki’s Upcoming Jealousy

“Because This Is My First Life” has released a making film hinting at Lee Min Ki’s jealousy in the upcoming episode!

In the making film released on October 29, Nam Se Hee (Lee Min Ki) and Yoon Ji Ho (Jung So Min)’s relationship takes a new turn. The clip begins with Yoon Ji Ho and Nam Se Hee coming home. Yoon Ji Ho picks up Nam Se Hee’s cat sweetly and calls him Woori, a name she picked out for the cat. Nam Se Hee, however, looks disapproving and says to Yoon Ji Ho, “It’s uncomfortable when someone else calls it with another name when it’s my cat.”

The film then shows Jung So Min playing with the cat behind the cameras, touching its jelly bean toes and taking pictures. She can’t seem to hide her smile as she holds the cat’s paw.

The next scene features Nam Se Hee being jealous as he comments that he saw Yoon Ji Ho with Yeon Bok Nam (Kim Min Gyu) earlier that day. She explains that Yeon Bok Nam is generally a person who likes to joke around, but Nam Se Hee quickly dismisses her. While they’re filming the scene, Jung So Min bursts into laughter because of the cat which leads to a short break.

Nam Se Hee continues to be jealous during the next scenes where he acts cold towards Yoon Ji Ho for no reason. When she asks him if he’s mad at her, he replies, “No. Why would I be?” before walking away. He even declines her offer to take the sick cat to the hospital, telling her, “You don’t have to do that when it’s not included in our contract.”

The clip also shows Lee Min Ki having trouble with the cat behind the cameras. The director wants the cat to look straight at the actor, but the adorable cat refuses to cooperate, squirming away as Lee Min Ki tries to hold him.

The clip ends with Lee Min Ki and Jung So Min testing their flexibility during their break as they sit on the kitchen table together. Jung So Min appears to be very flexible as she holds her leg up to her head, but Lee Min Ki can hardly bring his leg up, causing the director to tease him.

Watch the cute making film below!

And watch the first full episode here!