PD Na Young Suk Talks About His Hardships Working On “2 Days & 1 Night”

Popular producing director (PD) Na Young Suk, responsible for hit shows like “Three Meals a Day,” “New Journey to the West,” and more, recently sat down for an interview on October 28.

The PD had been invited to an awards show in Taiwan last month and was taken aback by his popularity among Taiwanese fans who came to see him at the airport. The warm reception was a change from the usual difficult demands of his job.

“The working environment of PDs is very poor,” he said. “The working hours are long and often we stay up overnight.” He also shared a story from back when he used to work on “2 Days & 1 Night.”

“‘2 Days & 1 Night’ broadcasts on Sunday and my wedding was on Saturday,” he revealed. “I finished filming, editing, and then I went to my wedding. I was the bridegroom but the entire day my eyes were red [from fatigue].”

He added, “Maybe it’s because I’m obsessed with my job, but I’ve started observing and imagining things about the people around me. ‘What would they like? What kind of person would they be?’ My mind never stops. These thoughts have become natural.”

Often surprising incidents can arise on variety show sets, but Na Young Suk doesn’t mind. “Honestly, the staff enjoys plot twists,” he said, and added that when they happen, the staff gets together and confers about what to do next. “If we discuss it together, a lot of ideas come out. If you work like this, the program’s content becomes more enjoyable.”

“2 Days & 1 Night” is now directed by PD Yoo Il Yong. Watch the latest episode below:

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