Nam Tae Hyun Personally Addresses Rumors About Him Dating Son Dam Bi

Nam Tae Hyun has refuted the short-lived rumors that claimed the singer and Son Dam Bi were a couple.

Early morning on October 30, Nam Tae Hyun stated to news outlets, “I looked up my name after someone contacted me, but I think there was a misunderstanding stemming from a video I shot with a close friend using a popular app. I am sorry.”

The singer had shared a now-deleted video clip featuring Son Dam Bi on his social media. The video, which appeared to be filmed using the phone app “Kwai,” showed them comfortably leaning against each other and showing affection through gestures like hugs. The rumors were further fueled by the fact that Nam Tae Hyun and Son Dam Bi have Jung Ryeo Won as a mutual friend, who was also caught up in dating rumors with Nam Tae Hyun previously.

Nam Tae Hyun explained, “It’s a video with an affectionate atmosphere that people could easily misinterpret, but the [filters] unique to the app would not show up if our faces were apart. That’s why we shot [the video] with our faces close together, so that the bunny filter would show up on both of us.”

He continued, “I am just close with her; we are not a couple by any means. We really are not. I apologize to my fans once more.”

The singer also addressed the rumors through Instagram, stating, “I think it’s perfectly understandable that it was misinterpreted. I am sorry. We are most definitely not a couple.”

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