T-ara’s Hyomin Discusses Recent No. 1 Win, Her Members, And More

T-ara’s Hyomin recently featured in a pictorial for The Star magazine, where she rocked sweatshirts, patterns, and other street fashion.

In the accompanying interview, Hyomin shared her own fashion tips: “The combination of colors is the most important aspect of styling. These days, I’ve been pairing a lot of outer pieces with oversized coats.”

Speaking about the most recent T-ara promotions, Hyomin remarked, “I was so thankful because we won No. 1 for the first time in five years. In the past, we used to win No. 1 often, so I didn’t realize how precious it was. I realized I took receiving love for granted, and have reflected a lot over it. [Winning No. 1] was truly a happy day.”

She also revealed how close the T-ara members are to each other: “they are precious to me like my real sisters.”

Finally, Hyomin chose BLACKPINK and BTS as two junior groups who’ve caught her attention, commenting, “Their songs are really great, and even though they are my juniors, I often get surprised seeing how great they are on stage.”

The rest of Hyomin’s interview and pictorial can be found in The Star’s November issue!

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