Jin And Jimin Reveal What BTS Keeps In Their Fridge

“Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” featured guests BTS’s Jin and Jimin in its October 30 episode, and the cooking show revealed what’s inside the group’s fridge!

When it came time to open up BTS’s fridge in the episode, Jimin admitted that he hadn’t known that their fridge was going to be taken from their dorm to the set. Jin added, “Jungkook contacted me earlier to ask ‘Where did our fridge go?”

Jin also commented, “Our fridge is actually more focused on cosmetics than food. The guys will even take food out and put cosmetics in it!”

The hosts then opened the fridge’s doors to reveal what was inside.

They first pointed out bottles of pear juice that Jimin said he loves, as well as lots of other drinks. The guys laughed as they said that their manager is the one who picks the drinks that they get depending on his own taste.

The hosts found a bag of detox juice that Jin said a friend had given him, which they all then realized had expired in July of last year. They also discovered some packaged side dishes in the fridge, and fellow guest Tony Ahn joked that he’d give them some of his mom’s kimchi to eat instead, which the guys were happy to agree to.

However, the hosts then discovered a container of kimchi in the fridge, but Jin and Jimin said they had no idea who it belonged to. “Today is the first time I’ve seen that,” said Jimin.

When they opened the lid, the hosts found kimchi in the container but also an empty bag, which cracked everyone up. “Wow, seriously, whose is that?” said Jimin with a laugh.

A few bottles of alcohol were also found on the fridge door, and Jin said that he, Jungkook, and Jimin like to drink together on the last day of a tour, while the others don’t really drink.

The hosts also looked for vegetables in the fridge, and managed to find two onions. When looking in their freezer, they found chicken breast sausages and asked the guys about them. “We used to just eat chicken breasts, but now that we’ve made some more money, we said ‘Let’s change to something more delicious!’” said Jin.

They also found some pork belly that Jin said they grill on special occasions, as well as frozen dumpings that Jimin loves. Their cupboard also included plenty of ramyun, as well as canned food and cereal.

Watch the October 30 episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” to see more of Jin and Jimin!

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