10 Adorable Child & Staff Interactions From “The Return Of Superman” To Brighten Your Day

The Return of Superman,” which has been on air since 2013, is a favorite of Koreans and foreigners alike as it follows famous, “superman” dads caring for their kids over 48 hours while the moms get a well-deserved break. With cameras and staff present to record every precious moment, it’s no surprise that the children and staff members grow close over filming. Those cute behind-the-scenes relationships between the families and staff sometimes make it on-air, and when they do, are some of the most memorable moments on the show. From hilarious to heartwarming, here are 10 of the best child and staff interactions to brighten your day.

1. Where did Seungjae go?

When Seungjae gets hold of a goblin’s hat that makes him “invisible,” he takes full advantage of the opportunity. With his dad, Ko Ji Yong, and the cameramen playing along, Seungjae goes into full-on mischievous mode. His interactions with the staff while he’s “invisible” are enough to make anyone giggle.

2. Su Ah’s savior

When SeolSuDae learn how to ride tricycles for the first time, Su Ah has a hard time getting the hang of it and eventually bursts into tears. Thankfully, handsome producer Parksoo comes to the rescue and kindly teaches Su Ah how to ride, stopping her tears and melting our hearts.

3. “You look like a turtle”

Cute baby Rowoon and her dad, rapper Outsider, were only on “The Return of Superman” temporarily, but this exciting family gave us many great moments. Living in a house filled with all kinds of exotic creatures, Rowoon is used to the morning routine of feeding her dad’s many animals. So when she notices a hungry looking cameraman, she takes it upon herself to make sure he gets fed in this hilarious encounter.

4. Manse and the Dinosaur Uncle

It’s no secret that the Song Triplets love dinosaurs. But when the trio meets a tyrannosaurus in real life, it’s not the warm encounter their dad, Song Il Gook, imagined. Manse runs straight to one of the cameramen for protection and clings to him for dear life in a classic moment that will make you laugh until you cry.

5. Seol Ah’s Energizing Uncle

When life knocks you over, sometimes all it takes is a hug to get you back on your feet. Before beginning their actual filming, cameras at the Five Siblings’ house caught this great moment between Seol Ah and one of the staff. When Seol Ah gets discouraged that she keeps losing against her dad, Lee Dong Gook, as they play-wrestle, she turns to a staff member for a hug and some encouragement in this funny and inspiring interaction.

6. William’s messy breakfast

Amazing William, son of popular entertainer Sam Hammington, is a kind and happy baby whose cute smile melts hearts around the world. When William kindly shares his breakfast with the cameraman, he accidentally abuses the camera in the process in a funny moment that anyone who has spent time with a child can relate to.

7. Seo Eon & Seo Jun’s rebellion

As the longest appearing family on “The Return of Superman,” Seo Eon, Seo Jun, and Lee Hwi Jae are used to having cameras and cameramen inside the house. Most of the time, the twins’ interactions with the camera and the staff are loving and cute, but sometimes they’re mischievous and naughty, like in this funny moment of rebellion.

8. Curious triplets’ interrogation

In order to get the most pure and unobtrusive glimpse into each celebrity family, cameramen try to stay hidden inside tents or behind curtains while filming. So when, for some reason, one of the cameramen doesn’t have his curtain up, he’s interrogated intensely by the curious triplets in this cute encounter.

9. “Uncle, please fix my dad!”

One popular tactic for the super-dads to employ is shrinking themselves to the size of a doll when their children misbehave. But when playful Seungjae accidentally breaks his doll-sized dad’s arm off, he turns to the cameraman for help. This heartwarming scene is sure to make you love empathetic Seungjae even more, and the cameraman who comes to his rescue.

10. Sua’s savior gets married

Seol Ah, Su Ah, and Si An (Daebak) have always had a cute and close relationship with “The Return of Superman” producer Parksoo. They are so close, in fact, that when Parksoo got married, he asked them to be his flower kids. In this lovely and memorable interaction, we see the special bond formed between the children and the staff over the course of the show.

Which child and staff interaction was your favorite? Leave a comment below and let us know! And don’t forget to check out the latest episode of “The Return of Superman” on Viki!

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