Jung Chan Woo Apologizes For Comment On Sunmi’s Mourning Post For Kim Joo Hyuk

Jung Chan Woo from the comedy duo Cultwo is under fire for leaving an improper comment under Sunmi’s mourning post for Kim Joo Hyuk.

In light of the actor’s recent passing, Sunmi posted an image of a flower on her personal Instagram, alongside the caption, “Rest in peace.” Jung Chan Woo then commented under the post, “That’s a pretty flower,” and immediately faced backlash. He explained that he hadn’t read the caption on Sunmi’s post.

A source from Cultwo Entertainment stated, “After reading other people’s comments and realizing the situation, Jung Chan Woo apologized and deleted his comment.”

Shortly thereafter, Jung Chan Woo also took to Twitter and wrote, “I am genuinely sorry. I posted a comment without thinking and left many people heartbroken. I apologize for disappointing you all with my careless actions. I acknowledge my mistake, and I am sorry. I have no other words to say. I offer my deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart.”

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