Watch: YG Survival Program “MIXNINE” Unveils Next 81 Trainees + Prevoting For 2nd Episode Begins

The next set of trainees have been revealed for JTBC program “MIXNINE”!

Following the 79 trainees on the first episode, the trainees that will be appearing on the second episode have now been released. The 81 trainees are from 13 agencies including Dam Entertainment, Double V Entertainment, RBW, Roots Entertainment, Mole Entertainment, Illusion Entertainment, Mystic Entertainment, SidusHQ, BlockBerry Creative, Parksal Company, WM Entertainment, Beat Interactive, Choeun Entertainment.

The profile images and 30-second audition clips were revealed for each of the trainees. Fans can vote for nine trainees per day through the “MIXNINE” website until November 3 at 6 p.m. KST. After the second episode, the one female trainee and the one male trainee with the most votes will have behind-the-scenes videos of their auditions revealed online.

Check out the next 81 trainees below! Click on each name to view the trainee’s individual clip.

Female Trainees

1. Kang Ye Ri (DAM Entertainment)
2. Kang Ji Won (Double V Entertainment)
3. Koo Min Hee (Double V Entertainment)
4. Kwon Bo Kyung (RBW)
5. Kim Min Jung (Roots Entertainment)
6. Kim Sung Eun (RBW)
7. Kim So Ri (Mole Entertainment)
8. Kim Sol (DAM Entertainment)
9. Kim Soo Jung (Illusion Entertainment)
10. Kim Soo Hyun (Mystic Entertainment)
11. Kim Yeon Joon (SidusHQ)
12. Kim Young Seo (RBW)

13. Kim Hyun Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
14. Kim Hyo Kyung (DAM Entertainment)
15. Na Go Eun (RBW)
16. Ryu Si On (Mystic Entertainment)
17. Moon Ka Kyung (Parksal Company)
18. Moon Eun Jin (Illusion Entertainment)
19. Moon Hye Young (Double V Entertainment)
20. Park Soo Jin (RBW)
21. Park Young Shin (Parksal Company)
22. Park Ji Eun (RBW)
23. Park Hyun Joo (Illusion Entertainment)
24. Seo Ji Hoon (RBW)

25. Song Ji Eun (Double V Entertainment)
26. Oh Min Ji (Parksal Company)
27. Oh Jee In (Parksal Company)
28. Yukika (Mole Entertainment)
29. Yoon Ji Sung (Roots Entertainment)
30. Lee Do Yoon (Mystic Entertainment)
31. Lee Bo Ra (DAM Entertainment)
32. Lee Bom (Roots Entertainment)
33. Lee Yeo Reum (Roots Entertainment)
34. Lee Young Joo (Parksal Company)
35. Lee Ye Sol (RBW)
36. Lee Ye Eun (Mole Entertainment)

37. Lee Hyang Sook (SidusHQ)
38. Im Eun Hye (Parksal Company)
39. Im Hye Bin (Illusion Entertainment)
40. Jang Eun Sung (RBW)
41. Jang Ji Ho (Roots Entertainment)
42. Jeon Yoo Jin (Roots Entertainment)
43. Jeon Hee Jin (BlockBerry Creative)
44. Jo Yoo Ri (RBW)
45. Jo Ha Seul (BlockBerry Creative)
46. Heo Young Joo (Mole Entertainment)
47. Hwang Ji Min (Mystic Entertainment)

Male Trainees

48. Kang Jin Chul (Mystic Entertainment)
49. Kwon Hyuk (DAM Entertainment)
50. Kim Min Seok (WM Entertainment)
51. Kim Min Seok (DAM Entertainment)
52. Kim Byung Kwan (Beat Interactive)
53. Kim Se Yoon (Beat Interactive)
54. Kim Seung Min (Mystic Entertainment)
55. Kim Young Jo (RBW)
56. Kim Jung Wook (Choeun Entertainment)
57. Kim Jin Hong (Choeun Entertainment)
58. Kim Hyo Jin (WM Entertainment)
59. Moon Joon Ho (RBW)

60. Park Min Gyun (WM Entertainment)
61. Park Jang Hyun (RBW)
62. Park Hyun Gyu (RBW)
63. Sung Si Won (Mystic Entertainment)
64. Shin Kwang Il (Mystic Entertainment)
65. Shin Dong Hyu (Mystic Entertainment)
66. Shin Seung Joo (RBW)
67. Shim Jae Young (WM Entertainment)
68. Shim Hong Seob (Choeun Entertainment)
69. Yuto (WM Entertainment)
70. Yoon Dae Hyuk (DAM Entertainment)
71. Lee Gun Min (RBW)

72. Lee Dong Hun (Beat Interactive)
73. Lee Seung Joon (WM Entertainment)
74. Lee Jae Joon (RBW)
75. Lee Chan Dong (RBW)
76. Lee Chang Sun (Choeun Entertainment)
77. Lee Chang Yoon (WM Entertainment)
78. Lee Hyun Suk (RBW)
79. Jo Young Sang (RBW)
80. Choi Ki Su (Choeun Entertainment)
81. Hong Cory (Choeun Entertianment)

The second episode of “MIXNINE” will air on November 5 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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