5 Of Kim Joo Hyuk’s Most Memorable Lines And Roles

Following the unfortunate passing of actor Kim Joo Hyuk, many are remembering his works and legacy.

Having debuted in 1998 through SBS, Kim Joo Hyuk has a noteworthy career of almost 20 years. His talent and range in acting is reflected by his roles that have varied from pure romanticist, vicious villain, righteous reporter, and many more. With each diverse transformation he connected with viewers through each of his projects which will be remembered by many.

In remembering Kim Joo Hyuk, let’s take a look at some of his most famous lines and roles.

1. “Argon” (2017): “I would like you to remember my end as being reporter-like.”

In his final drama “Argon,” Kim Joo Hyuk portrayed righteous reported Kim Baek Jin. Despite facing many obstacles, the reporter stays true to his morals and honors his profession.

2. “Blue Swallow” (2005): “I will pray for you until the very end.”

Film “Blue Swallow” told the tale of Korea’s first female pilot. Kim Joo Hyuk played the pilot’s love interest. In addition to his famous line above, his character also said, “Because you lived without wasting even 1 minute and 1 second, I liked you all the more.”

3. “Lovers in Prague” (2005): “Love is like a camera flash that explodes at a moment.”

His famous line in the drama continues “For a fleeting moment it’s pitch-black in front of your eyes. Right now it’s pitch-black in front of my eyes.”

4. “Singles” (2003): “You loved hard. And you forgot hard. That’s enough.”

In the film, Kim Joo Hyuk consoles his friend who is going through a difficult time after getting dumped by her boyfriend. His character is also in love with this friend.

5. “Kaist” (1999): “I am just walking without knowing anything. I’m only becoming a stem on this path.”

Kim Joo Hyuk met his breakthrough role through the drama “Kaist.” His character was a graduate student who originally dreamed of becoming a poet. The full line says: “I don’t know what kind of road the one I am walking on is. [I don’t know] when that tree over there got there… if the wind doesn’t rest then my body tied to the tree becomes a root. I am just walking without knowing anything. I’m only becoming a stem on this path.”

Thank you, Kim Joo Hyuk, for bringing so many wonderful roles to life. May your soul rest in peace.

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