Update: EXID’s New Title Track “DDD” Cleared For Broadcast By KBS

Updated November 8 KST:

EXID’s agency Banana Culture Entertainment has confirmed that EXID’s new title track “DDD” is now allowed to be played on KBS broadcasts after a change in lyrics.

A source from the agency stated, “EXID’s title track ‘DDD’ from their new album ‘Full Moon’ has passed after being reconsidered by KBS. We have implemented a change to the lyric in question. There will be no issues in terms of broadcast promotions moving forward.”

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Original Article:

EXID’s new song has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS and the lyrics are being adjusted for reconsideration.

According to the results of KBS’s review released on November 1, the song is EXID’s title track, “DDD,” off their upcoming album “Full Moon.” The reason was given as the use of swearing and vulgar language/slang. The lyric in question was “Why don’t you 쉿 ma baby,” where the Korean word for “shh” sounded like the English swear word.

EXID’s agency Banana Culture Entertainment stated, “We will adjust the lyrics according to the results. We will ask for a reconsideration of the song after the lyrics have been modified.”

EXID will make their comeback with “Full Moon” on November 7.

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