GOOD DAY’s Nayoon Revealed To Have Been Injured

On November 1, GOOD DAY’s agency C9 Entertainment released a statement saying that member Nayoon had been injured.

The statement read as follows:

“We have unfortunate news to deliver to fans today. At the end of October, GOOD DAY’s Nayoon suffered an injury while practicing choreography. Her tendon had ruptured, so she underwent surgery. At the moment her leg is immobilized in a cast, so until her tendon has healed, she will not be able to participate in GOOD DAY promotions. GOOD DAY will promote as 9 members for now.

“After we checked with the medical team, it appeared that she will need about 8 weeks for recovery, so for the next 8 weeks she will take time off and get treatment. We at C9 Entertainment will work hard so that Nayoon can recover fully and show her bright smile on stage to GOOD DAY fans. We ask for your understanding and continued support of the 9-member GOOD DAY for now.”

We wish her a speedy recovery!