iKON Reveals What They Think Of YG’s New Survival Show “MIXNINE”

On November 1, iKON’s new variety program for JTBC held a press conference with all the members, Jo Se Ho, Kim Shin Young, and the producing director (PD) Park Ji Eun.

Titled “Global Friendship Project School – Rebellious Field Trip” (literal translation), the show features iKON and “Tokyo Girls” (a group of Japanese actors, models, and girl group members) going on a trip to Jeju Island.

The show is being produced by YG along with their other currently airing survival program “MIXNINE” (also on JTBC). When asked about the other show, B.I said, “When I see ‘MIXNINE,’ I think of my own time on a survival program. I am cheering them on inside. I hope they can have fun and enjoy it.”

He added, “When we were doing our own survival program, BIGBANG told us, ‘We’re envious of the time in your life you’re at’ and ‘This is when you have the most passion.’ I think that it’s now the same for [the ‘MIXNINE’ contestants]. Of course, we are still passionate too.”

iKON, then known as Team B, was first introduced in the survival program “WIN: Who Is Next” alongside the group that would eventually become WINNER. After that, they appeared in another survival program titled “Mix & Match,” which eventually determined iKON’s current 7-member lineup.

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