Update: SEVENTEEN Shares Glimpse Of Choreo For Comeback Title Track “Clap”

Updated November 6 KST:

SEVENTEEN has released one last look at their newest title track “Clap” before it is released later today at 6 p.m. KST!

Updated November 4 KST:

SEVENTEEN has released a third special clip for their new album “TEEN,AGE”!

In their final announced special clip, the guys team up to act out a game of basketball on a court, minus an actual ball.

Watch the video below!

Updated November 2 KST:

SEVENTEEN has dropped a second special clip for their return with the album “TEEN,AGE” and its title track “Clap”!

This new clip shows the guys sitting around a round table, all hunched over their work. They’re interrupted by the camera, and look up in alarm before returning to the tasks in front of them.

The members are all wearing hoodies that read “Specialized Videotape Technology INC” (SVT INC), which was also on the booth’s sign in their first special clip.

Original Article:

SEVENTEEN has released a special clip for their upcoming album “TEEN,AGE”!

The group will be returning on November 6 with their new album, featuring the title track “Clap,” and they’ve now released the first of three special clips for their comeback.

In the video, Woozi sits outside a booth as his fellow members sneak inside while trying to distract him. Seungkwan attempts to get him to look the other way, while Mingyu gets to tease him about his height before getting a kick in the butt from Woozi.

Watch the video below!

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