iKON Reveals Which Members Acted Differently On Their Upcoming Variety Show

At the November 1 press conference for their upcoming JTBC variety show “Global Friendship Project School- Rebellious Field Trip” (literal translation), iKON talked about which member showed a different side of himself on the show.

Bobby named fellow member Yunhyeong and said, “He hasn’t ever really gotten iKON members water before, but to the Tokyo Girls’ High School students, he would get them water and ask them if they’re okay first. He was very gentle [on the show].

Koo Junhoe agreed with Bobby and added, “There was a time when we sat in a line with the Tokyo Girls’ High School students. But he skipped all of us in line and gave water to them.”

Yunhyeong responded, “It was ladies first,” to which Koo Junhoe replied, “But there was no second,” and made everyone laugh.

Yunhyeong named B.I. and said, “I didn’t know he was such a lively kid.” B.I. explained, “I was in charge of the entertainment, so I had to show off my leadership skills.”

Donghyuk concluded, “This is iKON’s unique charm. On or off camera, we joke around and are free-spirited.”

YG Entertainment-produced “Global Friendship Project School-Rebellious Field Trip” will premiere on JTBC November 4 at 12:20 a.m. KST.

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