Singer Presses Charges Against Company Head And Moon Hee Ok For Sexual Harassment And Threats Respectively

On November 1, the Seoul Nambu District Public Prosecutors’ Office stated that singer “A” (24) has pressed charges against the head of her agency “Kim” (64) for sexual harassment and fraud. Furthermore, she is also pressing charges against veteran singer and labelmate Moon Hee Ok for fraud and threatening her to keep quiet about her assault.

Last December, the plaintiff had signed a five-year-long exclusive contract with agency “Y,” which also houses Moon Hee Ok, and officially debuted as a singer on June 15 of this year.

According to singer “A,” the incident in question occurred on June 24 when the head of her agency had scolded her severely after a music show recording and sent her home. He later called her out, saying he had to apologize, and took her to a coffee shop in Nonhyeon District. The plaintiff explained that while they first conversed about work, he suddenly said, “I genuinely love you. I see you as a woman. Please become my woman,” while showing her the scars on his wrist from self-harm. She recalled feeling “a huge sense of dread.”

The plaintiff said that the head of her agency later groped her and forcibly kissed her in his parked car, saying, “I have to see an end to this today. Let’s go to a motel.” The sexual harassment continued until she managed to curb any further advances and safely go home by continuously saying, “Next time,” according to the singer “A.”

As for Moon Hee Ok, the plaintiff stated, “The next day, I contacted Moon Hee Ok, who I had always called ‘teacher,’ and throughly explained how this crime happened. However, she replied, ‘Don’t tell any outsiders about this. Do you think you will be able to work as a singer if this gets any bigger?'” The plaintiff explained that Moon Hee Ok consistently tried to coerce her or would threaten her to not tell anyone about being sexually harassed.

The plaintiff also stated that the fraud charges being brought up against both of them was due to the fact that her parents had to personally pay 170 million won (approximately $152,700) for what the head of her agency claimed would be used for advertising and her road manager. “I believe [the money in question] was used in ill-defined ways apart from its intended use,” the plaintiff expressed.

It has been revealed that Singer “A” is currently receiving psychiatric treatment for the incident.

The head of the agency has commented, “I have nothing to say at the moment. I will faithfully comply with the prosecution’s investigation.” Moon Hee Ok is unable to be reached for a comment at this time.

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