Watch: TWICE Members Put On Their Own Interpretation Of Sunmi’s “Gashina”

TWICE visited the basement studio of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” on November 1 with their comeback track “Likey.” During the episode, the MCs brought up the time Sunmi paid for TWICE’s meal.

Chaeyoung explained, “Jeongyeon and I went to a restaurant and Sunmi was there. When we finished eating, we discovered [she had] paid and left.”

The TWICE members then proceeded to dance to Sunmi’s “Gashina.” First up was Mina, who started the dance saying she didn’t really know it but surprised everyone as she successfully covered the dance.

Next up Chaeyoung, the maknae of the group, showed off a cuter version.

Momo, known for her talented dance skills, exuded charisma as she showed off her powerful, angular dance moves.

Next up was Nayeon, who appeared nervous about performing the difficult choreography as her fellow members danced. Although her dance followed the movements, the hosts gave her some good-natured teasing as she was unable to get the head movements.

Dahyun unfortunately made eye-contact with Jung Hyung Don, and he suggested she go next. She showed off her flexibility in a rather unique version, as she stretched backwards almost all the way down.

Watch the full clip below!

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