Watch: JBJ Surprises Lucky Fan And Makes Her Wildest Dreams Come True

JBJ held a surprise event for one of their fans.

JBJ appeared to be excited as it had only been three days since their debut and they were already meeting fans directly. The plan was to for the JBJ members to secretly wait in a cafe, where the production crew would meet a fan pretending to be the online seller for the light stick. When the production crew gave the signal, the members would come out and surprise the fan.

The fan arrived revealed herself to be a fan of Kim Sang Gyun. But when the production crew asked if she liked any of the other members, the fan answered, “Nowadays, Hyun Bin,” and explained, “Seeing him in person, he’s so good-looking!” She then revealed that she was a foreigner, surprising the members. The staff member and the fan continued to chat about JBJ, commenting on their short promotion period.

The boys then slowly and excitedly raised the curtains, so that the fan is in direct view of the members inside the cafe. However, she was unable to see them and started to walk away. The members rush to the window and the fan is visibly shocked as she sees JBJ presses up against the window and waves at her.

They come outside and officially introduce themselves. They chat and when asked if she wanted to say anything to them, she hilariously joked, “I have something to say to the agency! Seven months is too short! How about seven years, using something like slave contracts?” The boys also reveal that they prepared more presents for her, including a poster, hoodie, a signed banner, and more.

They also asked her if there was anything she wanted to do with them, and she asked them to record a morning call for her. They all agree, with Kim Sang Gyun recording an adorable message encouraging her to wake up and Kwon Hyun Bin rapping his morning message. They ended the event with a selfie and promises to work hard.

Watch the full clip below!