Defconn Bids Farewell To Kim Joo Hyuk With Touching Message

After Kim Joo Hyuk’s funeral procession on November 2, Defconn took to his Instagram to say goodbye.

Kim Joo Hyuk and Defconn became close friends through “2 Days & 1 Night.” As a final farewell, Defconn revealed a photo taken during the program along with an emotional message.

Defconn began, “My heart feels heavy and apologetic as I have to return to work after sending away my hyung who went to sleep eternally,” and shared, “Our hyung who cannot be expressed with any words, he was warmer and more passionate than anyone else in the world.”

He concluded, “Everyone who sent sincere condolences and prayers, I thank you and thank you once again. I will hold precious hyung in my heart and remember him forever. I will never forget Joo Hyuk hyung. My hyung whom I love, be happy for a long, long time in a nice place without pain.”

Kim Joo Hyuk passed away on the afternoon of October 30 after a car accident.