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JTBC’s upcoming Friday-Saturday drama “Untouchable” has released character posters for their main cast.

The drama is about a family’s second son Jang Joon Seo (played by Jin Goo) who loses his wife and stands against his family’s power and the first son Jang Ki Seo (played by Kim Sung Kyoon) who turns into the enemy in order to survive. An action pursuit drama, the storyline follows the choices that divide the two brothers.

In his character poster, Jan Joon Seo shows a mixture of anger and sadness. His fists are clenched and one has cracked the black surface he is resting on. However, his brow is furrowed and he gazes into the camera with a look of pain, portraying that his destiny is to “pursue the truth of his dead wife’s sincerity and the case until the end.”

Jang Ki Seo, on the other hand, is a picture of caution and poise as he is dressed in a clean suit and gazes into the camera. However, his eyes betray his anxiety and sadness, perhaps directed towards his brother. His caption states, “[He] had to become evil in order to now become weak.”

Go Jun Hee, who plays the daughter-in-law of the Jang family, looks at her reflection in a mirror. Her stylish clothes and accessories cannot hide her cold gaze, nor can it cover the hostility lurking underneath. Suiting her femme fatale feel, her caption states, “Behind her luxurious lifestyle hides a calm anger and hatred.”

And finally, Jung Eun Ji is transformed into rookie prosecutor Seo Yi Ra. Dressed in a chic black suit, she stares nervously yet piercingly into the camera. Her caption states, “The power that I’ve dreamt of has become an unbelievable reality,” and the two mirrors with her reflection behind her portray this division of dreams and reality.

Many netizens appear to be excited for the drama and have made comments such as, “‘Untouchable’ is a genre drama that makes you wait for a long time,” “The character posters are so awesome, I can’t wait!” “The charisma from Jin Goo, Kim Sung Kyoon, Go Jun Hee, and Jeong Eun Ji is no joke,” and “Just by looking at the posters, I get the feeling this drama will be amazing.”

“Untouchable” will air its first episode on November 24 at 11 p.m. KST after “The Package.”

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