Park Shin Hye Reveals Her Goals As A Movie Actress And Criteria For Choosing Projects

Park Shin Hye is an actress loved for her bright, lovely image and roles on popular dramas. In her latest film “Silent Witness” (also known as “Blackened Heart”), she shows a different side to her on the big screen.

“Silent Witness” is a movie about the murder of a famous singer who is also the fiancee of a CEO of a large company. Once he learns that the suspect is his only daughter, he hires a lawyer to prove that his daughter innocent. CEO Im Tae San is played by veteran actor Choi Min Sik, and Park Shin Hye plays the role of the lawyer Choi Hee Jung.

Because of their roles in the film, Park Shin Hye worked closely with Choi Min Sik and expressed great admiration and respect for him. The actress described him as a warm-hearted senior who embraced all of the junior actors. She said, “Whenever I saw him, I wanted to run to him like a child pestering an adult. Choi Min Sik is like Santa Claus to me.”

Park Shin Hye said she was worried about how moviegoers would react to seeing her on the big screen, but was relieved after reading reviews and smiled at one in particular that said they saw a new side to Park Shin Hye. She explained, “I’m usually a lead role in dramas, but play minor roles in films. I want to [gain experience] one step at a time no matter the amount of screen time.

She continued, “I am used to leading a drama, but am not as strong at doing so in films. I want to become an actress who is not awkward on screen, and has presence even if I’m on screen for a short amount of time. I also want to gain strength in drawing in the audience.”

The actress also revealed her criteria for choosing her projects is a strong scenario. She likes stories and characters that are similar to those in our lives and almost like something that might happen around us. Park Shin Hye also expressed, “It doesn’t have to be a melodrama, but I want to star in something that is humanistic.”

“Silent Witness” premiered in theaters on November 2.

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