Jo Kwon Shares Thoughts On His Decision To Join Cube Entertainment

Jo Kwon recently made headlines when he officially confirmed that he signed with Cube Entertainment following his leave from JYP Entertainment earlier this year.

On November 3, Jo Kwon addressed joining Cube Entertainment with a post on his Instagram.

Along with a photo of the Cube Entertainment sign, Jo Kwon wrote, “After being with JYP Entertainment for 16 years, through my teens and 20s, I have chosen Cube Entertainment as my new home in 2017. I have a long friendship with Cube Entertainment, felt the agency’s sincerity for my passion and vision, and so decided to join Cube Entertainment. I hear many concerned and worried voices for my future since I was at one agency for a long time, but I will give do my best at whatever task is in front of me and will work hard so you all can view me in a positive light. My longtime family at JYP Entertainment is happy for me and cheering me on. No matter where I am, I am Jo Kwon, and I will show you my best efforts. Thank you to my family of fans for continuing to believe in me and supporting me. Thank you. Keep going.”

저의 10대,20대 16년동안 함께한 JYP를 떠나, 2017년 새로운 둥지 Cube 엔터와 함께하게되었습니다.Cube엔터테이먼트와도 깊은 인연이 있었던 저는, 회사가 생각하는 저의 대한 열정과 비전 그리고 무엇보다 진심이 느껴졌기에 함께하기로 결정했습니다,한 회사에 오래 있었던지라 앞으로의 행보에 걱정과 우려의 목소리도 들리지만 저에게 주어진 일에 항상 최선을 다해 좋은시선으로 볼 수 있게 노력하겠습니다. 오랜시간 함께였던 JYP식구분들도 저의 앞날을 기뻐하며 응원해주십니다. 어느곳에 있던 저는 조권이고 최선을 다해 좋은모습 보여드리겠습니다.앞으로도 믿고 응원해주시고 지켜봐주시는 팬가족분들 감사합니다 ^^ Keep Going ??

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Good luck to Jo Kwon on his future endeavors!