Watch: Kim Heechul Becomes Flustered Due To Super Junior’s Non-Stop Teasing About His Love Life

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul, who is known for usually flustering others with his teasing, became the victim himself on the November 4 episode of “Ask Us Anything.”

The guests for this episode were none other than his fellow Super Junior members. During one segment, everyone had to guess what Kim Heechul thought was the most difficult moment for him on the show.

Eunhyuk answered, “A girl group came out [on the show], and two girls you dated before were in [the same group].” Everyone was amused except for Kim Heechul whose ears turned bright red. Kim Heechul, knowing his impending doom, asked, “Can we just say that’s the answer and end this here? I feel like something worse is going to come out.”

Shindong guessed, “A girl group came out, but there was a person in there whom you confessed to and got rejected.” To that, Kim Heechul answered, “I’ve never been rejected before.”

At that moment, leader Leeteuk shot up and answered, “A boy group came out and two boys [you dated before came out].” Kim Heechul completely lost it and fell over the podium laughing. Then he demanded, “You’re the one who spread that rumor, aren’t you?”

Watch the hilarious clip below!

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s eighth full album “PLAY” will be released on November 6.

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