Watch: Boyfriend And 100% Audition On “The Unit” For Another Chance At Fame, With Unexpected Results

Boyfriend and 100% appeared on the November 4 episode of KBS’s “The Unit” for a chance to stand in the spotlight.

Boyfriend is a boy group consisting of six members from Starship Entertainment. They were known for being sibling groups with former girl group SISTAR.

Leader Donghyun said, “It’s been seven years [since our debut]. When we go to music programs, we have the most seniority, and we’ve been around the longest, so I wondered why we can’t succeed.” He also added, “I think ‘The Unit’ is the beginning. I wish this wasn’t the end but an opportunity where we can start over again.”

Boyfriend performed “Pop” by NSYNC. While they didn’t make any glaring mistakes, the mentors didn’t seem impressed at all. Hwang Chi Yeol said, “What breaks my heart is that I can see how disheartened you guys are from your expressions.” SHINee’s Taemin added, “Since you have no energy, it makes the people watching you guys lose energy as well. I think you’re lacking in energy.”

The results were revealed, and only Donghyun passed with all six judges voting for him. Rain comforted the eliminated members, saying, “Donghyun’s success is also Boyfriend’s success.”

HyunA also expressed her desire to see Boyfriend’s passion once again. She said, “We’re colleagues who performed on stage together for a long time. There were several times when I saw you guys and thought you were amazing. However, today’s performance was honestly upsetting. I wondered, ‘Why don’t they have any confidence?’ I feel like you guys came on stage not knowing what you wanted to show. I wish you guys can be more confident, happier, and more amazing on stage like you were before.”

Next up were 100%, a boy group in TOP Media under Shinhwa’s Andy. Leader Minwoo revealed that the group’s fifth anniversary was not too long ago. He said they decided to take the challenge and come on “The Unit” because during their hiatus, they realized they were the happiest when they were on stage.

The group performed “‘O’Jung.Ban.Hap” by TVXQ. Despite the group’s clean performance, the only one who was accepted on the program was Rokhyun.

The judges praised him endlessly for the way he was able to sing and dance to such a powerful song without missing a beat. Rain praised, “As soon as you came out, I thought ‘he’s a hit.'” Hwang Chi Yeol gave him a thumbs up and added, “I was shocked by how you didn’t waver at all.”

Watch their performances below!

Also find out who else moved on by checking out the full episode!

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