Former Rainbow Member Jisook Cast In Web Drama About Employment

On November 6, a source from Dmost Entertainment stated, “Jisook has been casted in webdrama ‘Hope Reviver Miss Go Yong’ (literal translation), and is playing the part of Na Joon Saeng. She has recently completed the final stages of filming.”

The production of the drama was supported by the employment labor union. The drama aims to encourage and comfort the unemployed as it covers topics such as unofficial rules, emotional protection, minimum wages, employing young adults, work life balance, maternity leave, and flexibility in the workplace.

Na Joon Saeng is an intern at the employment labor union who is preparing to enter the work force. Na Joon Saeng has a lot of questions about the union’s policies and shows off her refreshing personality as she works as an assistant at the labor union.

Jisook stated, “I’m very glad to have participated in this drama, which is filled with a lot of information on labor laws and a lot of laughter.”

“Hope Reviver Miss Go Yong” will air mid-November on ChannelA as well as on Naver TV.

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