“Because This Is My First Life” Stills Tease Changes To Kim Min Suk And Kim Ga Eun’s Relationship

tvN’s “Because This Is My First Life” has released new stills of Yang Ho Rang (Kim Ga Eun) and Shin Won Suk (Kim Min Suk) that show the long-term couple taking their relationship to a new level.

Ho Rang had been shocked to learn that Won Suk did not agree with her in thinking of love and marriage as the same thing. Since then, she had been working to try and convince Won Suk that the next stage of their relationship is to get married. Though he seemed to be set in his ways, Won Suk appeared to be coming around to the idea when he asked Ho Rang why she’d want to marry him and she responded, “I just want to because it’s you. Do I really need another reason?”

The new stills tease the moment when Won Suk finally pops the question as Ho Rang can be seen with a ring on her ring finger. Her shocked and dazed expression is enough to know how much she had waited for this moment to happen. Won Suk can be seen with a huge grin on his face, like a happy child waiting to be praised for something he did.

Whether viewers will be able to hear wedding bells for the couple or whether something else comes up along the way remains to be seen, but the happy moment of their engagement will be shown in the upcoming episode of “Because This Is My First Life,” which will air on November 6 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

Why not check out the first episode of “Because This Is My First Life” to see how Won Suk and Ho Rang’s relationship has evolved across the show?

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