5 Hot Rising Actors Who Will Become Your New Biases

Dramas these days are all the more enjoyable given the abundance of hot supporting actors. Meet five rising actors, starring in currently airing dramas, you need to have on your radar!

Jang Ki Yong (“Go Back Couple”)

This hottie is gaining attention for his role in a love quadrangle involving Jang Nara and Son Ho Jun in “Go Back Couple.” Jang Ki Yong’s character Nam Gil is a university senior who is interested in Jang Nara’s character (Jin Joo).

Viewers have fallen in love with Jang Ki Yong’s tall height and broad shoulders. His stature is no surprise given his modeling experience. In particular, a scene in which Nam Gil and Jin Joo end up in a bathroom stall has highlighted Jang Ki Young’s height in comparison to Jang Nara. However, viewers also love how pure Nam Gil’s love is for Jin Joo and how bashful he is about revealing his feelings for her.

You might have noticed Jang Ki Yong in a web drama “We Broke Up” featuring Sandara Park and Kang Seung Yoon. He’s actually signed under YGKPLUS and he’s good at singing! Watch more of him in the latest episode of “Go Back Couple”!

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Jung Hae In (“While You Were Sleeping”)

This actor’s handsome face should look familiar as his popularity is rising rapidly. Jung Hae In has steadily been building up his experience in a variety of roles and his winning smile (and abs) has captivated fans. Prior to “While You Were Sleeping,” the actor was noticed for being the handsome baseball player in “Goblin.” Following his baseball uniform, Jung Hae In is getting complimented for looking good in a police uniform as well.

Honestly, it’s hard to stand out given all the pretty in “While You Were Sleeping” (Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, and Shin Jae Ha), but have you seen Jung Hae In’s smile? While Jung Hae In hasn’t had a major lead role yet, fans are hoping he’ll be the lead in a romance drama soon! Meanwhile, treat your eyes to the actor in uniform through “While You Were Sleeping”!

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Woo Do Hwan (“Mad Dog”)

At first glance you might have mistaken him for Seo Kang Joon or Ryu Jun Yeol. However, once you see Woo Do Hwan acting you will definitely be able to distinguish him. His role in current drama “Mad Dog” allows for him to transform from an innocent puppy-eyed type to a charismatic con man. Woo Do Hwan’s range is evident in the different personalities his character tries on.

Given the unfortunate background story of his “Mad Dog” character as well as the character’s badass appeal, many fans have developed feelings of wishing to protect him and be protected by him. Can you relate to having this feeling? Find out as you watch him in “Mad Dog”!

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Lee Jun Young (“Avengers Social Club”)

It’s hard to believe that “Avengers Social Club” is Lee Jun Young (also known as U-KISS’s Jun)’s debut drama. Even while acting amongst veterans Ra Mi Ran, Lee Yo Won, and Myung Se Bin, Jun is able to hold his own. The PD (producing director) of “Avengers Social Club” explained that he cast Jun for the role due to seeing a gloomy side in his appearance.

However, Jun’s character is much more than just gloomy. He speaks freely and brings viewers laughs with his comments. At the same time, he does express sadness due to his complicated family background and having to deal with his parents seeking to use him for selfish ambitions. Given the positive response to his acting, it’s highly likely that we’ll see Jun in more dramas. He’s also currently a contestant on KBS’s idol reboot show “The Unit,” so you can check out his rapping and dancing skills as well!

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Kim Min Kyu (“Because This Is My First Life”)

The handsome actor is causing a stir as he recently entered into a love triangle with Jung So Min and Lee Min Ki in “Because This Is My First Life.” His character is a natural at melting hearts and knows how to make women swoon. Kim Min Kyu’s puppy eyes and adorable dimples are crowd pleasers as well.

Previously, Kim Min Kyu appeared on variety show “I Can Hear Your Voice 4” and showcased his singing skills. His nickname/description on the show was “makes you fall for him in one second” and emphasized his good looks. Although it appears as though his “Because This Is My First Life” character has an unsavory side to him, viewers are hoping to see more of Kim Min Kyu in other projects soon. Check him out in the drama!

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