7 Times “Witch’s Court” Gave Us The Most Soul-Relieving Catharsis

Imagine you’re watching a drama that’s so intense that you can’t breathe. If you do, the moment may pass you by. Those moments are plentiful in “Witch’s Court,” the drama about two prosecutors — played by Jung Ryeo Won and Yoon Hyun Min — who take on the dregs of society: the sexual predators. So if there are moments that make you hang onto every word with bated breath, there have to be moments that bring you immense relief in the form of a sigh, a fist pump, or, if you’re like me, a good ol’ fashioned “yes!”

Of course, “Witch’s Court” mixes in a little romance, some humor, and plenty of solid female lead action that Jung Ryeo Won as Ma Yi Deum rocks. In fact, many of the most cathartic moments are led by this powerful actress. So, without further ado, here are 10 cathartic moments that you’ll be playing over and over for the wonderful sense of satisfaction they give.

Warning! There are spoilers ahead. Read with caution.

Moment #1: Yi Deum plays Yoon Kyung

Heo Yoon Kyung (Kim Min Seo) thinks she’s triumphed over Yi Deum. Her downfall was underestimating Yi Deum’s grit and ability to put the needs of the case over her personal mortification. It takes a strong mind and a stronger woman to be brave enough to submit evidence to court that will hurt her personally. The wonderfully satisfying moment culminates when Yi Deum looks up from a nervous gaze down at her hands to put on a slow grin that clearly says, “You’re screwed.” Then she lays out her case, obliterating Yoon Kyung’s arguments.

This win feels like telling off someone who has been picking on you. You silently rejoice while letting yourself do a hip-high fist pump, and then you breeze past your enemy.

Moment #2: Jin Wook catches the child molester

Yeo Jin Wook (Yoon Hyun Min) is a man guided by his moral compass with the ability to empathize, and he possessed of an understanding and respect for women often not found in Korean drama. His wonderful character aside, he also manages to arrest a pervert and promise him a severe punishment in a moment that is so satisfying that I ended up jabbing my finger at my screen and yelling, “That’s right! You tell him!” Then, I heaved a sigh of relief.

There is something so gripping about how Yoon Hyun Min is able to stir up emotion without raising his voice. Rather, his withering gaze and seething dialogue delivery pack a punch that ends in energy draining catharsis.

Moment #3: Yi Deum kisses Jin Wook

Yi Deum is a woman with more than enough self-confidence. That very self-confidence leads her to falsely believe that Jin Wook likes her as a woman, and after a few too many beers, she kisses him in thanks for helping her. The first kiss is a long awaited moment, and this one, although not romantic or sexy, carries a humorous weight that answered the question of, “When are these two brilliant people gonna kiss?” Finally witnessing the kiss is always a relief because it’s a K-drama stamp of romantic approval.

Of course, she promptly passes out just after the kiss, but it was still adorably surprising and worthy of a squee and a rewatch…or two…or five….

Moment #4: Yi Deum’s realization about her mother

By episode 6 (which is chock full of amazing moments), we’ve been watching Yi Deum slowly start to figure out that her mother’s disappearance involves more than she had previously thought. She and Jin Wook are becoming a good pair, and watching them together had me itching to see them get closer, both as people, and to the truth of her mother’s disappearance. It is in this moment that she finally connects a few dots and realizes Jin Wook has seen her mother.

Compared to moments 1 and 2, the emotional tension of this moment isn’t as tightly coiled, but the realization between the two people had been long-coming. It most definitely elicited a monster sigh of relief and a fervent hope that the next week’s episodes would hurry up and air. A well-constructed plot (thank you, Jung Do Yoon writer-nim!) can both simultaneously provide release and create new tension, which is exactly what this moment does.

Moment #5: Jin Wook gives Yi Deum a picture of her mother

I mentioned in moment 2 that Jin Wook is an outstanding human being and man. It is in moment 5 that he proves it (yet again). After seeing Yi Deum cherish a wrinkled photograph of her mother, he gives her a beautifully framed version of the photograph in a moment as quietly considerate as he is. While not the fist-pumping moment of Yi Deum’s court room triumph, or the heart-pounding moment of a drunken kiss, this moment is a special kind of relief experienced after an act of kindness. It’s a moment of surprise (both on Yi Deum’s part and mine) after which a feeling of warm spreads, which is a unique form of catharsis that I’ve seen several times in “Witch’s Court.”

Moment #6: Yi Deum’s second realization about her mother

Min Ji Sook (Kim Yeo Jin) is the head of Yi Deum’s investigative unit into crimes against women, and she is also the prosecutor who had chased after the very, very evil Jo Gab Soo (Jun Kwang Ryul). Even after the lecherous ladder-climber was acquitted and ran free in society, gaining power and influence, Ji Sook continued to look for ways to put him away. In short, I’ve been waiting for her to team up with Yi Deum to find Yi Deum’s mother, a victim of Gab Soo’s horrific sense of entitlement and power.

“Witch’s Court” gave me that moment in episode 8 when Yi Deum realizes that Ji Sook was in charge of her mother’s case. Yi Deum tells Ji Sook that her mother is Kwak Young Shil (Lee Il Hwa), a victim of Gab Soo and the informant who disappeared before she could give the testimony that could put him away for good. It’s one of the most important personal and professional connections made thus far, and the moment literally had me cheering.

Moment #7: Yi Deum outsmarts a pimp

Episode 8 will have you fist pumping at how Yi Deum tricks a pimp into giving over vital information to her investigation. The man is completely grotesque, and watching her overcome his sexism and nasty attitude definitely invokes a feeling of catharsis.

Moments like this are like watching a sports game when a goal is made and the entire stadium jumps up, cheering wildly. Except in my case, I almost knocked my laptop off my lap. Sage advice: put your laptops down, then cheer wildly.

We’re halfway through the drama, but there has already been so much to love! Which moments in “Witch’s Court” have given you a feeling of catharsis, Soompiers? Let us know in the comments below!

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