Watch: MONSTA X Returns With Powerful And Cinematic “Dramarama” MV

MONSTA X is back with their fifth mini album “The Code” and they’ve dropped a stellar music video for their title track “Dramarama”!

“Dramarama” is an urban funk song that is perfectly intertwined with MONSTA X’s signature hip hop vibes, featuring rap verses written by members Jooheon and I.M. The strong and addictive beat of the song match the snippets of MONSTA X’s powerful choreography that are interspersed throughout the music video.

The music video follows the seven members of MONSTA X as they come into possession of a watch that allows them to time travel, and the series of happenings that follow are like watching a short film, fitting of the overall grandiose feel of “Dramarama.”

Watch the music video below and let us know if you’re loving this new track from MONSTA X!