Kings Of Content: 13 Ways SF9 Proves They Know Just What Fans Want

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Ahead of SF9’s much-anticipated U.S. fanmeet tour, there are so many ways that the rookie group has already proven to be experts in interacting with their fans!

If you haven’t yet been introduced to SF9, they’re a nine-member boy group under FNC Entertainment (home to artists also including CNBLUE, FTISLAND, AOA, and more). SF9 is the label’s first male dance group, and includes members Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung, and Chani.

SF9 made their debut in October of 2016 with “Fanfare” after appearing on the FNC competition show “d.o.b.” In just over a year, they’ve since gone on to make comebacks with the powerful track “Roar,” the smooth and emotional song “Easy Love,” and most recently their latin-pop inspired track “O Sole Mio.” Their official fan club is called FANTASY.

The group is composed of an amazingly talented group of guys with a great discography that’s definitely worth a listen. But beyond their talents in music (and acting, and variety…) they’ve shown that they’ve got another skill that’s become so important for idols nowadays: they’re masters of creating awesome content for their fans.

Here are some of the creative ways that SF9 has made sure that their fans are always having fun!

Making An Entrance At “Music Bank”

Fridays during SF9 promotions bring two things for fans to look forward to: their “Music Bank” performance and their epic parade before the show.

The guys often use the press photo call before “Music Bank” to make a fantastic entrance, sometimes in full costume and often with some of the members carrying out a penalty or receiving treatment worthy of kings after playing a game in a V Live broadcast the day before.

Gifting Fans With A Truly Merry Christmas

SF9 celebrated Christmas 2016 with fans in lots of fun ways, including the release of their festive MV for “So Beautiful” as well as a holiday-themed version of their V Live radio show “Sound Fantasy 9.”

Another memorable gift was the members’ adorable arts & crafts project for the holidays: decorating snow globes for fans. The best part was when they donned festive headgear and their SF9 hoodies, divided into teams, piled into vans, and turned on V Live before traveling to fans’ homes to personally deliver the special gifts to their doors!

Watch them make the snow globes below!

Keeping Up With Latest Social Media Trends

SF9’s been having fun with Korea’s latest craze: the video app Kwai, which lets users film themselves lip syncing to audio clips from popular dramas, variety shows, films, and more.

Inseong and Jaeyoon recently used the app to flawlessly act out a famous scene starring Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon in “Fight My Way.”

Being Extra AF In Their Relay Dances

Every single one of SF9’s relay dances has been legendary. Somehow they manage to impress with their dance moves and charisma while also cracking fans up with their signature goofiness, every single time.

Here’s SF9’s relay version of “Easy Love” that proves both how extra and talented these guys are.

Their Sweet Birthday Tradition

Whenever an SF9 member has a birthday, FANTASYs know they’re in for a flood of warm and fuzzy feelings. The members each take turns uploading a message for the birthday boy complete with a photo taken with him, before he then replies to each of them.

For example, Hwiyoung wrote to Jaeyoon on his recent birthday, “Wow, happy birthday, Jaeyoon. Eat a lot of delicious things today!! You always work so hard at singing~ One day you’ll be singing on a really huge stage, won’t you? Do a duet with me then, like we used to.”

Jaeyoon replied, “Oh my!!!! What an honor, Hwiyoung. I’m so glad that I have you, you work so hard too. Let’s definitely put out a duet album!!!”

Hilarious Part-Switch Dance Videos

SF9 is a super talented dance team that knows what fans want, and so they’ve gifted fans with lots of dance practice videos that show off their talent, synchronicity, and hard work.

But they also have a hilariously fuzzy memory of what their fellow members do during their complicated choreography, and a part-switch dance practice video is one thing fans hope for with every comeback.

Watch the chaos that erupts when they switch parts for their latest track “O Sole Mio” below.

Getting Fans Involved In Their Everyday Life Through Fun Polls

One way SF9 interacts with fans and keeps them up to date about their lives is through “FANTASY Choice” polls on Twitter, with FANTASY getting to vote on things like whether Chani should drink chocolate milk or banana milk. Chocolate milk won!

A whole travel reality show featuring SF9 on V Live entitled “LAN Cable Trip” was filmed based on this concept. Fans got to suggest how the guys should respond to situations in realtime on Twitter and then later find out what happened through the episodes.

Celebrating Their Anniversary Through A Relay Of Fun V Live Shows

SF9’s anniversary on October 5 was no doubt the most content-heavy day in the group’s history, and a highlight of the day was their series of nine solo V Live shows. When the guys promised something on their anniversary schedule entitled “FANTASY TIME: All Day,” they really meant it: the members took turns spending a private 20 minutes or so with their fans over live broadcasts spaced throughout the day.

The live shows were a sweet way for the guys to catch up with fans ahead of their “O Sole Mio” comeback, talk about their Chuseok holidays, and more. Some of the best moments included Zuho and Inseong’s shows from their family homes (especially Zuho revealing the room his parents have dedicated to him) and Youngbin chatting with fans at a cafe, as well as Rowoon surprising fans by meeting up with Inseong during his show.

Jaeyoon and Inseong’s Advice Show

SF9’s Jaeyoon and Inseong have proven themselves to be the perfect comedic duo through their hilarious (and often very sincere) radio show-style counseling sessions entitled “JaeSeong’s Advice Show.” They give advice to fans in response to submitted stories, and also invite their fellow members as guests or host the show as a segment of SF9’s group V Live broadcasts.

The key is their catchphrase: “We’re sorry we can’t help you” (the word “Sorry” in Korean sounds like their duo name “JaeSeong”), which they say in faux seriousness with a bow at the end of every piece of advice. Someone get this pair a real show already.

Showing Their Bromance With Fellow Rookie Group VICTON

Who doesn’t love a good friendship between idols? In SF9’s case, they’ve become BFFs with the guys of VICTON, Plan A Entertainment’s boy group that debuted only a month after them, and their interactions have been lots of fun for fans to follow.

The members have gotten close since they go to the same salon, and they’ve also got to hang out together at events like KCON. Members of SF9 and VICTON even performed a special collaboration at KCON Japan.

Both groups love to promote each other’s tracks when they have a comeback. Here’s a video of Dawon showing his love for VICTON’s “Unbelievable” during his solo V Live!

Keeping Fans Guessing

The guys also enjoy playing guessing games on Twitter with their fans during their downtime. For example, who is this backstage at “Inkigayo”?

It’s Inseong!

Sharing Great Selfies

Of course, no idol Twitter account would be complete without some killer selfies and clips, which SF9 delivers regularly.

Having Fun With Fans Through Awesome V Live Shows

SF9 fans can always look forward to receiving a notification for a V Live broadcast, often hosted by one or two members on their own and always worth a watch.

While sometimes the guys will just do things like go for a walk and chat with fans while on a break at a music show, they’ll also plan special events like a picnic on a rooftop or a game of pictionary with fans (Note: Inseong and Rowoon hilariously couldn’t believe FANTASY knew this was “ice fishing”).

This list is only the tip of the iceberg, with tons of other content for fans out there, including SF9’s series of behind-the-scenes “MuVi” videos, all kinds of dance practices with different themes, and so much more.

Considering that SF9 seems to know just want fans want, we can’t wait to find out what they’ve got planned for their upcoming fanmeet tour in the United States this month!

After performing at KCON NY and KCON LA this year, SF9 is holding their first U.S. fanmeet tour entitled “2017 BE MY FANTASY IN USA.” They’ll be starting things off with a fanmeet in Dallas on November 15, followed by a stop in Seattle on November 17, and then one in Boston on November 19. You can buy tickets for the events here!

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