8 Moments From Episodes 9 And 10 Of “Because This Is My First Life” That We Love To Pieces

Because This Is My First Life” is continuing to show us its relatable script and moments that we really can’t get enough of. This past week’s episodes had some epic moments that had us begging for more romance between the two main leads. Here’s a look at 8 parts that slayed us all.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

1. When Nam Se Hee couldn’t let go of Ji Ho’s hand

This moment slayed our hearts. It really showed how much Nam Se Hee cares about Ji Ho despite their landlord-tenant relationship.

2. When we found out Bok Nam was NOT a stalker

I’m glad it’s not the end of our Bok Nam. Yay for more episodes of seeing his dimples!

3. When Mr. Ma couldn’t stop crying

In last week’s episode, Soo Ji tells Mr. Ma that he has to sell his company if he wants to date her. He took this ultimatum to heart and was so torn up about it that he became overwhelmingly emotional. He just loves and wants to be with Soo Ji so badly!

The tears and heartfelt talk in the car felt so genuine.

4. When Nam Se Hee and Ji Ho slowly started to break down their walls

This particular part was so heart-warming because it finally gave us those romantic feels between the two that we so desperately wanted to see!

5. When Won Seok proposed to Ho Rang in the most adorable way

After dating for 7 long years and watching her friends get married one by one, Rang finally got what she wanted.

I’m pretty sure our reaction was just as heartfelt as Rang’s!

6. When Ji Ho realized she likes her husband

When the back of your crush’s head is enough to make you smile.

7. When Se Hee got a haircut


8. When Ji Ho decided to stick up for her own heart

Just when we think Se Hee might be letting Ji Ho into his heart, he takes a few steps back, leaving Ji Ho’s pride hurt. It’s time for her to take matters into her own hands and do what it takes to make sure that she doesn’t get hurt. We’re rooting for you, Ji Ho!

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