gugudan Opens Up About Making Their Comeback Without Member Soyee

On November 8, gugudan held a showcase to celebrate the release of their first single album “Act.3 Chococo Factory” and opened up about the absence of member Soyee.

Soyee will not be promoting with the other members in the upcoming promotional activities as she is focusing on recovering from a shoulder injury that has plagued her since before her debut. Soyee herself had requested to have time off to recover, which resulted in an announcement in October that the idol would be going on hiatus.

Opening up about Soyee’s absence, Kim Sejeong said, “We’re so happy to be making our first comeback in eight months. Unfortunately, it came with the bad news that Soyee will not be with us due to an injury. I really hope she gets better soon and joins us on stage.” She also went on to say, “Soyee gave us kind words of encouragement to do our best. Soyee, we will work hard and do well, so please get better and come back to us soon.”

Hana also spoke up and said, “I felt so guilty about making a comeback without her, but she told us to work hard and make up for her absence. So all of us worked really hard to prepare for this comeback for her.”

gugudan has returned with a sweet title track called “Chococo” that draws inspiration from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” Check out the fun and colorful music video here!

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