Leads Of New Monday-Tuesday Dramas Face Challenge Of Differentiating Themselves From Similar Works

Choi Daniel, Jo Jung Suk, and Yoon Kyun Sang are set to begin their run as leads of Monday-Tuesday dramas in around the end of November. However, all three have their work cut out for them as one can’t shake the feeling that their upcoming characters have been played before. Their first task will be to eliminate this feeling of deja vu that shrouds their new roles.

Choi Daniel, who has discharged from the military on September 29, will be making his return to acting through KBS 2TV’s “Jugglers.” The drama will be the story of a boss who cuts himself off from all human interactions and his secretary, who is sociable and good at handling any situation. One can’t help but think about tvN’s “Introverted Boss,” which finished its run this January and was the story of a boss who was very bad at connecting with people and a sociable new employee. Choi Daniel’s new character seems to overlap with Yeon Woo Jin’s character in “Introverted Boss,” with the big difference being that Choi Daniel isn’t introverted, he’s just cold and doesn’t care about other people.

Jo Jung Suk will be in MBC’s “Two Cops” as a detective who is possessed by the soul of a con artist. Viewers can’t help but draw parallels to Song Seung Heon’s character in OCN’s “Black,” where he also plays a detective who shares his body with the soul of another, in his case being the soul of a grim reaper. Song Seung Heon is currently bringing the laughs as his body acts in strange ways due to the presence of another’s soul. It will be interesting to see how Jo Jung Suk takes the idea of “two completely different personalities sharing a body” and makes it his own.

Finally, Yoon Kyun Sang will appear in SBS’s “Oh, the Mysterious” as someone who finds himself wearing the title of a detective and fighting against evil forces in society while hiding the fact that he’s not a real detective. The theme is similar to that of KBS 2TV’s “Mad Dog,” in which Yoo Ji Tae does whatever he can to catch those who commit insurance fraud. Both dramas follow the stories of characters who toe the line between right and wrong to bring justice onto those who seek to disrupt society.

One industry source said, “Though the characters and premises seem similar at first glance, the final product can vastly differ based on what direction the actors take their stories. Though the script and directing are important as well, each actor’s ability to understand his character and make it his own will greatly affect the quality of the drama.”

KBS 2TV’s “Jugglers” will begin airing on December 4 while MBC’s “Two Cops” and SBS’s “Oh, the Mysterious” will both start on November 27.

Which drama and lead actor are you most excited for?

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