Jo Jung Suk Is Ready For Action In New Stills For Upcoming Drama With Girl’s Day’s Hyeri

Jo Jung Suk is committed to his role as a police detective in new stills for his upcoming MBC drama with Girl’s Day’s Hyeri.

Recently, the drama “Two Cops” released some behind cuts of Jo Jung Suk’s action scenes as he chases and apprehends suspects. Like the veteran actor he is, he wears down his opponents with the force of his gaze as well as his fists.

The production staff of “Two Cops” stated, “Before he started filming, Jo Jung Suk practiced a lot with the stunts team and worked so as not to actually harm his co-star. However, he is throwing his whole body into portraying the action scenes required of a police detective.”

The show also revealed stills of Im Se Mi, who plays the friend and partner of the conman played by Kim Sun Ho. Because she was in love with the conman, her relationship with Jo Jung Suk’s character is expected to be complicated and unpredictable.

“Two Cops” is about a police detective who becomes possessed by the spirit of a conman. Hyeri plays a reporter and the detective’s love interest. It is slated to premiere on November 27 after the end of “20th Century Boy and Girl.”

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