MONSTA X’s Wonho Reassures Fans About His Health And Talks About His Mom

MONSTA X held a Naver V Live broadcast titled, “MONSTA X x LieV” on November 9, where they talked about their latest promotions while lying down.

During the broadcast, Wonho updated fans on his health. Previously, Wonho had to sit out on MONSTA X’s comeback show-con due to health concerns because doctors thought he might have symptoms of encephalomeningitis. However, it turned out he was suffering from a severe case of the flu instead and returned to promote with the rest of his members.

Wonho said, “I have currently recovered to the point where you [the fans] don’t have to worry.” He continued, “We prepared for the first performance together, so I was upset I could not [perform with the group]. Today, after I performed with the members and met the fans, my sickness disappeared.”

MONSTA X members added, “[The doctors] said it might be encephalomeningitis, but we were glad it wasn’t and that we are all able to promote together. We will stay healthy.”

Wonho also shared a story from the MV filming of their title track “Dramarama.” He revealed, “The MV filming location was near my house, so my mom stopped by. That day, my mom dressed up to come see me. When I saw that, I felt touched and grateful. It made me think that I should work harder and I was happy my members called my mom beautiful.”

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