Seo Hae Soon To Sue Reporter And Kim Kwang Seok’s Brother For False Murder Accusations

On November 10, a representative of Seo Hae Soon, wife of late singer Kim Kwang Seok, announced her intent to sue reporter Lee Sang Ho and the later singer’s older brother Kim Kwang Bok.

Seo Hae Soon’s lawyer Park Hoon uploaded a post on his Facebook titled, “Why did I become Seo Hae Soon’s lawyer?” Through his post, he called for an open discussion between himself, Seo Hae Soon, reporter Lee Sang Ho, and Kim Kwang Seok’s brother Kim Kwang Bok. It was also revealed that Seo Hae Soon is planning to sue Lee Sang Ho and Kim Kwang Bok on the charges of false accusation and defamation of character, and may take action by next week.

Park Hoon stated, “This case was built up because Lee Sang Ho fanned the flames of Kim Kwang Bok’s excessive claims without any sort of confirmation. Because the difference between a hanging and choking someone’s neck is so large, it is impossible to manipulate [the scene]. It’s basic investigation.”

On their claims, he commented, “Kim Kwang Bok and Lee Sang Ho claimed that Seo Hae Soon and her ex-convict brother worked together and choked [Kim Kwang Seok] to death. However, the autopsy told a completely different story. There was no trace of resistance. It was a suicide by hanging.”

He continued, “Kim Kwang Seok never transferred his inheritance to his father Kim Soo Young. The judicial decision on this point can be found merely by searching Kim Kwang Seok on the Supreme Court’s homepage; you can apply to see the judicial decision with the case number that comes up. Despite his complete defeat, Kim Kwang Bok continues to claim Seo Hae Soon robbed him.

“Seo Hae Soon is an average person. An average person who developed a strong resistance to all the public condemnation for the murder of Kim Kwang Seok and Kim Seo Yeon [her daughter]. Lee Sang Ho, Kim Kwang Bok, and those who supported them are wrong as far as this case goes. Seo Hae Soon was labeled as a serial killer by people because of they got riled up about why she hadn’t reported her daughter’s death.”

He also revealed his official stance on the results of the police investigation. He announced, “The police investigation did nothing more than confirm basic facts. The police procuring evidence and ruling Seo Hae Soon innocent in the face of Kim Kwang Bok’s, Lee Sang Ho’s, and Kim Kwang Seok’s friends’ claims is a matter of course. They need to take clear, legal responsibility for their baseless claims.”

Seo Hae Soon was previously suspected of murdering her husband, the late singer Kim Kwang Seok, as well as murdering their daughter and hiding her death. However, she was recently cleared by the police investigating the case.

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