Seo In Young Leaves Star Empire Entertainment

Singer Seo In Young is leaving her agency Star Empire Entertainment on good terms.

According to several sources, Seo In Young has decided not to renew her contract with the agency after it expired recently. However, because she has been working with the staff at Star Empire Entertainment since her debut as a member of girl group Jewelry, they will still continue to collaborate with each other without a formal contract. In other words, Seo In Young will not be a member of Star Empire Entertainment but will work together with the agency in various matters.

Regarding this issue, a source from Star Empire Entertainment revealed, “[We] didn’t renew the contract with Seo In Young, but intend to help her activities continuously in the upcoming future.”

Since her debut as Jewelry’s member in 2002, Seo In Young has been working with Star Empire Entertainment for roughly 10 years. When her contract expired in February 2012, she left the agency to start her own management agency before returning four years later.

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