Park Shin Hye Chooses Best Kiss Scene She Has Ever Filmed

Actress Park Shin Hye named the best kiss scene she has filmed during a V Live show on November 10.

Park Kyung Lim, who was the MC for the day, chose the question actor Yoon Kye Sang had asked. The original question read, “When was your first kiss?”

Park Kyung Lim changed the question slightly and asked Park Shin Hye, “Did your real kiss come first or did you have your first kiss while filming?”

Park Shin Hye replied that it was the latter. “I was a middle school student during ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and a high school student during ‘Trees in Heaven.’ Because the director couldn’t make me kiss, it was substituted with hand kissing,” she revealed.

The best kiss scene Park Shin Hye chose was one in “Doctors” with Kim Rae Won. “It’s hard to pick one scene because they were all filmed so well,” she said, explaining why she chose the relatively new drama. “I think it was a kiss scene shared innocently after the characters in the drama realized their feelings for each other,” she added.

Kim Rae Won previously talked about the kiss scene in “Doctors” as well.

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