Jung Hae In And Robin Is The Most Adorable Duo In “While You Were Sleeping” Behind-The-Scenes Photos

FNC Entertainment has released photos of actor Jung Hae In on the set of the SBS drama “While You Were Sleeping.”

Jung Hae In currently stars in “While You Were Sleeping” as a police officer named Han Woo Tak. However, in these photos, Jung Hae In portrays his character out of uniform and relaxing at home with his pet Welsh Corgi named Robin.

In the photos, the two hang out by posing for selfies and playing together on his bed. Some viewers who saw the photos left comments such as, “Both Robin and Jung Hae In are really cute!” and “I wish I was Robin.”

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Jung Hae In debuted in 2014 through the drama “Bride of the Century,” appeared on “The Three Musketeers,” “Blood,” and currently gaining a lot of popularity for his role as Han Woo Tak in “While You Were Sleeping.”

Check out more heartwarming photos of Robin and Jung Hae In below.

Watch Jung Hae In alongside Lee Jong Suk and Suzy on the first episode of “While You Were Sleeping” now!

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