SEVENTEEN Reflects On Just How Precious “Smile Flower” Is To Them And Their Fans

In accordance with their 900th day since debut, SEVENTEEN sat down to chat and perform for fans through a V Live broadcast on November 10.

One of the tracks the group sang live during the show was none other than “Smile Flower,” a b-side track from their “Going Seventeen” mini album.

Hoshi reiterated how the song expresses how they want to continue to be as happy as they are in the present forever, while Dino explained, “‘Smile Flower’ is a song that encompasses the feelings we want to share with Carats.” As the composer and lyricist of the track, Woozi affectionately commented, “It’s a very precious song.”

Seungkwan also shared how the track evokes a physical reaction out of him. “We sang ‘Smile Flower’ with our fans during our fan meeting at the beginning of this year, and I cried all three days of [the fan meeting],” he revealed. Dokyeom added, “I also cried a lot while singing ‘Smile Flower.'”

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN recently made a comeback with their new album “TEEN, AGE” and its title track, “Clap.”

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