Lee Dong Wook Sends Jung Ryeo Won A Food Truck On Set Of “Witch’s Court”

Actor Lee Dong Wook is cheering on his former co-star, Jung Ryeo Won, in her latest drama!

On November 10, Jung Ryeo Won posted on her personal Instagram a photo of the food truck Lee Dong Wook had sent her on the set of “Witch’s Court.” In the caption she wrote, “Ha… Park Ri Hwan…! A man like you…” along with messages of thanks and “Don’t make my heart flutter.”

The coffee truck banner reads, “Congratulations on No. 1 viewership ratings! Strength to Haeng Ah! Lee Dong Wook is cheering on Jung Ryeo Won and the ‘Witch’s Court’ team!”

Park Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah are references to Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won’s character names in the 2015 tvN drama “Bubblegum,” which they starred in together.

You can watch the latest episode of “Witch’s Court” below:

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