Gong Myung Wins Award From Asia Culture & Economic Promotion Institute

Gong Myung was recently awarded for his acting and contribution to culture!

On November 10, the actor received the Acting Award in the Cultural Diplomacy sector from the Asia Culture and Economy Grand Awards, hosted by the Asia Culture & Economic Promotion Institute.

This is the 24th such ceremony hosted by the institute, which awards both individual and organization contributions to Asia’s economy, society, culture, regional development, politics, exchange, and local government.

As part of the actors’ “idol” group 5urprise, Gong Myung has appeared in dramas like “Entertainer,” “Drinking Solo,” “Bride of the Water God,” and most recently “Revolutionary Love.”

In his acceptance speech, Gong Myung said, “First, thank you for giving me such a meaningful award. I will work hard in order to promote more actively in Asia. I will continue to work to show good and improving sides of myself. Please look forward to it.”

Congratulations to Gong Myung!

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