Watch: SF9’s Rowoon Sweetly Reciprocates The Love To BTOB’s Eunkwang

BTOB’s Eunkwang and SF9’s Rowoon are setting some serious bromance goals these days!

Eunkwang is known to be a huge fan of SF9’s latest release “O Sole Mio.” The compilation below shows the BTOB member giving a shoutout to Rowoon and hilariously putting his own twist on the lyrics with the words “cafe latte” and “green tea latte.”

Rowoon reciprocated the love by sharing a clip of himself singing BTOB’s “Missing You.” He relayed a sweet message to Eunkwang, saying, “Eunkwang, thank you so much! We’re also in love with your song ‘Missing You.’ Thank you for liking our song so much. Once I return to Korea, I’ll visit you with some green tea latte and cafe latte. Thank you!”

Eunkwang then replied to his post, saying, “Let’s go eat something yummy, Rowoon~ But that’s not how you pronounce it. The pronunciation for ‘latte’ is important. It’s rrrrr-atte.”

How cute is that?